Abide Together: Reflections on Exodus 4

Have you ever felt like God was asking the wrong person to do a particular job? I certainly have. Like Moses, I have doubted God when He has chosen me. Mostly, I have doubted Him simply because it was a job I just didn’t want to do – not because I didn’t believe I could get it done, but because I didn’t like the job. I’m selfish.
In the passage today, we can’t really determine what Moses’ motivation is for making excuses. Maybe it’s really like he says – he really doesn’t believe he can do it – but I suspect that ultimately, he just doesn’t like the idea of this job. His excuses are almost laughable. First he says, “They won’t listen to me.” and then God gives him all these signs so the people will know Moses has the authority of God. Moses then uses the excuse that he isn’t a good speaker. What? After witnessing these miraculous things, it just seems like a desperate attempt to get out of it. Unfortunately for Moses, God had already made up His mind. Fortunately for Moses, this meant he was one the winning team. Even if he didn’t want to play the game, he was already chosen.
How many times have I done this to God? Probably more than I’d like to admit. Reluctance seems to be a constant companion in my efforts to serve the Lord. However, I don’t ever look back at those experiences with regret. I don’t believe that at the end of his life Moses would have regretted serving the Lord either. I may begin serving reluctantly, but by the end of it, I’m always proud to have been a part of His work. You’d think that over the years I would have learned not to be reluctant and to serve with joy knowing that this work is eternal and important and that it honors the Lord. But somehow, it’s always a battle. Excuses are easy. Serving is difficult. Excuses deprive us of the greater rewards of service. They hinder the work of the Gospel. They rob the Lord of worship.
Prayer: Lord, Help me to say, “Yes.” to You. Reveal my excuses to me, and help me to see them for what they are – hindrances to both Your glory and my growth. Give me courage and grow that part of my heart which jumps at another opportunity to serve – even when those opportunities look differently than I would like. Let my life honor You in every way.  AMEN.
Steve Corn
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