We reading in Exodus 3 about how Moses sees the burning bush and talks to God.  Moses was hesitant and questioned the Lord but the Lord gave him answer and solution he needed.  Moses is obviously taken back and surprised by the fact that the Lord has chosen to use him.  He had ran from Egypt once already.  God reminds Moses in the midst of the conversation that it will be God not Moses doing the work.  God will deliver the Israelites.  Moses had no faith in his own ability and the Lord reminded him of that with this request.  Moses was not even sure who to claim had sent him back to deliver the people and God’s answer of I AM.  There is no question that the Lord would be able to provide any and all things that Moses would need to deliver the people.  Praise the Lord for God’s providence and his plan to deliver the people.  The Lord pointed toward the ultimate deliverance of his people from sin and its slavery.



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