In Exodus 5 Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh and tell him that the Lord, the God of Israel had said, “Let My people go.”  Pharaoh said he did not know the Lord and would not let them go. Instead he made the work of the Israelites much harder than before.  They were even getting beaten for not making enough bricks.  The foreman of the sons of Israel complained and Pharaoh said they were lazy.  The foreman came to Moses and Aaron and said this was all their fault.  Moses went to the Lord and said this was all His fault.  Obedience to the Lord does not mean that the circumstances of this life will get easier.  In fact, obedience to the Lord often leads to more persecution and more difficulty.  Yet, obedience also leads to proper fellowship with the Lord and being used by HIM for HIS glory and fulfilling the purpose for which mankind was created.  Lord, may I obey You regardless of the difficulty that it may bring, knowing that You are using it for Your glory and my good.

– Bryan McKenzie

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