In Philippians 2 Paul exhorts the Church at Philippi to be selfless and put others before themselves.  He points them to Jesus as the example to follow in being selfless in that He placed others before Himself in going to the cross, so that they might have forgiveness of sin and new life.  Not only was Jesus the example, but He is the one who is at work in them to be selfless.  Paul then uses himself as an example of selflessness, as well as Timothy and Epaphroditus.  Lord, by Your power in me, help me always regard others as more important than myself.

In Philippians 3 Paul takes on those who think they can be justified by works and their genealogy.  He does this by laying out his spiritual resume of works and genealogy, showing it to be far superior to anyone else’s.  He then rips his resume up and says it is worthless when it comes to being made right with God.  Instead of being made right by his own righteousness, Paul says the righteousness God requires is through faith in Christ.  Lord, help me live out of the righteousness you have granted me in Christ, so that You will be glorified.

– Bryan McKenzie

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