In Ephesians 6 Paul continues to exhort the believers at Ephesus to allow their Spirit filled lives to control their relationships, specifically children/parents and slaves/masters.  Paul then exhorts the believers to continually be strong in the Lord by putting on the full armor of God, so that they will be able to stand against Satan and his evil schemes. Putting on the full armor of God is a constant decision to rely totally on the Lord for strength and wisdom.  Paul also exhorts them to be in prayer. God’s Word and prayer, empowered by the Holy Spirit, gives us the strength and wisdom to stand firm.  This is why followers of Jesus must consistently be taking in the Word of God and praying according to God’s Word.  Lord, may I rely totally on You to stand firm, by daily taking in Your Word and praying based on Your Word.

In Philippians 1 Paul greets the church at Philippi and expresses his great love for them.  He lets them know that even though he is in prison, the Lord is using his circumstances to further the spread of the Gospel.  Paul also shares how he is in a win-win situation.  Whether he dies in prison or lives to minister to them, God will be glorified.  He then exhorts them, based on Christ in them, to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.  What stands out to me this morning is Paul’s embracing the opportunity to share the Gospel even while he is in prison.  He does not allow his circumstances to distract him from his mission of getting the Gospel to as many people as possible.  Lord, keep me focused on fulfilling the mission of making disciples regardless of my circumstances.

– Bryan McKenzie

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