Coming out of the previous chapter where Paul has described the new life that we have in Christ, he now exhorts us to imitate Christ. This is a huge task…..impossible task without the Holy Spirit. Throughout the rest of the chapter, he describes what it means to imitate Christ. As I read through it all today, I was reminded of my friend Brandon Palmer. We have the joy of being in LifeGroup with he and his family. Anyway, he regularly says (including this past Sunday night) “When there’s a ‘put off,’ there’s always a ‘put on.’” As I read, I remembered his words and did a little check – asking myself is Brandon right? As it turns out, he is right. Here’s what I saw in the passage today:


In order to overcome our sinful nature (flesh), we need to learn to fill our lives with the things of God. Darkness cannot exist in the same space as light. If light (Jesus) is housed within us, the darkness is already defeated. In the same way that alcohol negatively influences our judgment, attitudes, and decisions, let us live “under the influence” of God making wise choices which honor Him.

Steve Corn

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