In Philippians 4 Paul closes his letter by encouraging the Church at Philippi to help a couple of women live in harmony, not to worry but pray, think on things that are excellent, be content by the strength of Christ, and know that God will supply their needs just as He has supplied Paul’s needs.  The thing that stands out the most this morning is Paul’s exhortation to “be anxious for nothing.” He tells the Church at Philippi to pray instead and promises them that God’s peace will guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  Praying to God is a sign of trusting Him and His plan, therefore it takes away worry or anxiousness. When a follower of Christ is trusting in God, then worry has no room.  Lord, help me to continually trust You for everything, knowing that You desire to glorify yourself through me.

In Colossians 1 Paul sends greeting to the Church at Colossae. He thanks God for them and prays that they will be filled with the knowledge of His will.  Paul reminds them that Jesus is God in the flesh and He brought peace between God and man through the blood of His cross.  Paul also reminds them that Jesus came to reconcile not Jews only, but Gentiles like them. Paul then shares his purpose by writing, “We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.”  Lord, help me be faithful to admonish and teach everyone with all wisdom, so that every man might be complete in Christ.

– Bryan McKenzie

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