In Acts 27, Luke records Paul’s journey on a ship on his was to Rome.  At one point in the journey, a violent storm rose up and began to drive the ship where it wanted.  The Lord had spoken to Paul that the ship would be destroyed, but all on board would be saved.  They needed to do what the Lord said through Paul.  Some were tempted to get in the life boat for safety and others wanted to kill the prisoners.  However, the only way they would be saved from death was to do it God’s way as presented by Paul.  The only way ever to be saved from death and destruction is to do it God’s way.  The only way to be saved from the penalty of sin (God’s just wrath) is to repent and place your trust in Jesus’ payment for sin – God’s way.  Lord, may I never be ashamed of telling people the Gospel of Jesus – which is Your way to be saved from the penalty of sin.

– Bryan McKenzie

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