Paul is locked up in prison for the whole of these two chapters.  He is put to trial with Felix first(in these chapters).  Felix was knowledgable in the customs of the Jews and found it odd that they wanted Paul put to death.  He had decided that he would keep Paul in prison, mainly for Paul’s safety because his accusers had plans to kill him, even in transport if necessary.  Felix was very curious and many times called upon Paul just to have discussions with him about what Paul believed.

Felix was succeeded by Festus.  Festus also understood that those bringing charges against Paul had no real leg to stand on.  They had no fair charges and really just didn’t like that people were listening to things Paul was saying.  Paul was innocent.  He did not deserve to stand trial and yet again, we see Festus basically save Paul’s life by keeping him in custody instead of having him sent off somewhere else to be tried since the people who brought charges against him were planning to kill him in transit.

The Lord’s provision for Paul in these circumstances was very evident in the wisdom and decisions of the leaders.  Paul, in all of this, continued to stand firm. This example gives us a real understanding of persecution for someone who was innocent of all charges being brought against him, yet standing firm in God.  Many times we need a dose of that to understand that when we stand up for the sake of the gospel, even when we are innocent, we will be persecuted.  We can hope in the power of our God to provide what we need in those situations.  We can always take hope knowing that no matter the outcome of our circumstances or persecution that our God reigns.  We know the final score. If you have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, you can know that you get to spend an eternity worshiping our great God!  Paul took hope in these things and that is why he could stand firm and rejoice in all the persecution he went through.


– Joshua Dawes

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