I love the story of Ruth and Boaz. There are so many things to consider in these verses, but since I’m only writing a reflection, I’ll narrow it down to one thing: Character. Here are some of the things I noticed in these chapters from both Ruth and Boaz:

1) Boaz is a man of character. As a foreigner, Ruth is in a strange predicament and has to go to extreme measures to find a husband. Naomi tell Ruth to do that would be pretty risky with any other man, but Naomi is confident in the character of Boaz – knowing that he will treat her right.

2) Ruth pays attention. In 3:9, Ruth asks Boaz to “spread your wings” over her. Earlier, in 2:12, Boaz had prayed over Ruth saying the Lord would be the “wings” where she could take refuge. She was telling Boaz to be the answer to his own prayer.

I love this little playful exchange between them. Miranda and I noticed little details about each other when we were dating and those things came back in conversations and inside jokes, etc. It was fun. It’s possibly just my imagination, but I feel like Boaz and Ruth had this sort of relationship too.

3) Boaz is reassuring to her. When she puts herself in an awkward position which could be misconstrued, Boaz’s first words are about the Lord. This must have been very calming/reassuring to her.

4) Boaz had done his homework. When she suggests that he “redeem” her, he already knows who the other redeemer is and he’s already found out what kind of reputation she has.

5) Boaz provided for both she and Naomi – both she and her family.

6) Boaz loves her. If he was only interested in fulfilling the law, Boaz would have let the closer redeemer have her.

Prayer: Lord, Let me be like Boaz. Help me to provide for my family and to be the reassuring guy who notices the details. Show me how to love them and guide me in such a way that I am prepared for the things that life may bring. 

Thank you God for Jesus Christ. For He is our Boaz. He has redeemed us from the life of sin that we found ourselves in. He chose to love us and like Ruth we have nothing to offer in return but our lives, our moments, our decisions, and our efforts. None of these will be adequate, but with your help, we will make this offering. AMEN. 

Steve Corn

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