Genesis 22 is one of the best known and most dramatic passages in the entire Bible.  The LORD asks Abraham to offer up his chosen son, Isaac, as a burnt offering.  Abraham rose up early the next morning and obeyed the LORD.  He traveled 3 long days to the place the LORD had told him to offer up Isaac.  I am sure his emotions we heavy the entire trip, yet he continued to press on in obeying the LORD.  When Isaac asked Abraham where the sacrifice was, Abraham responded in faith and said, “God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering.” And just as Abraham said, God did provide the lamb (in the form of a ram) for the burnt offering.  It is one thing to say you trust the LORD, but that trust/faith is only proven by action. Abraham had faith that the LORD would provide a substitute for Isaac, because he had faith in the promise that through Isaac would come descendants as the stars in the heavens.  This provision of a substitute points ultimately to God the Father sending his Son to be the substitute for sin for people throughout the whole world.  The humbling thing is that God spared Isaac, but HE did not spare His own Son (Jesus), but delivered him over for us all (Romans 8:32).  LORD, thank You for sending Jesus to bare my sin debt on the cross.  By Your Grace, allow me to live as one who has been rescued by Your grace through Jesus.

– Bryan McKenzie

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