In Genesis 21 the Lord comes through on His promise to give Abraham and Sarah a son, Isaac.  Sarah also turns against Hagar and drives her away, but God shows mercy on Hagar and keeps his promise to make her son, Ishmael, a great nation. Abraham makes a covenant with Abimelech  that has to do with some land and a well.  Abraham calls on the name of the Lord, “the Everlasting God.”  This is the first time in Scripture where God is referred to as “the Everlasting God.”  Abraham’s faith in this fact will soon be tested.  The thing that stood out to me this morning was when Abimelech said of Abraham, “God is with you in all that you do.”  Abraham had now been living in this area for about 4 years and Abimelech had the chance to see what kind of relationship Abraham had with God.  Abraham’s first impression with Abimelech had not been a very good one, as Abraham had lied about Sarah.  Yet over the next few years Abraham’s life was lived in such a way that Abimelech could see that God was with him in all he did.  O Lord, by Your Grace, may I live my live in such a way that others can see that You are with me.  May this result in You receiving all the Glory and bringing many to faith in Jesus.

– Bryan McKenzie

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