In verse 1, we find Lot “sitting at the gate.” Most likely, this means that Lot had become an official for the city. He was supposed to greet visitors and find out why they were in town. He was probably well respected and most of the people in town probably knew him. When the angels showed up, he already knew what the men of the city would do, and so he invited (even urged) them to stay at his house where he could protect them. Lot really seems to be a good guy – trying to do the right thing.

Unfortunately, even though he was trying to do the right thing, the culture where he chose to bring his family was horrible. He might be a good influence there and clearly had been able to find success and recognition, but this choice was still costing him something. Back in Genesis 13, he chose to live there in spite of the wickedness and sin of the people.

Here in Genesis 19, when the angels came to destroy the city this choice comes crashing down on him. All he had gained while in Sodom was destroyed. His good reputation was worthless. He lost property and a home. He lost his wife. All that remained was his daughters.

I wonder what my prior choices are costing my family and I right now? In those moments when I’m tempted to choose compromise, I pray for God’s clarity.

LORD, help me to remember Lot and give me courage. Remind me that the easiest way to raise my family or provide for my family may not be the way You would choose for me. Give me courage to step into Your calling.

-Steve Corn

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