In Genesis 18, Abraham and Sarah are told again that they will bear a child.  Then Abraham intercedes for the people of Sodom.  He asks the Lord to spare the city for the sake of 50 righteous people.  The Lord agrees, so Abraham continues to ask for the Lord to spare the city if there are less and less people until he gets down to where the Lord agrees to save the entire city even if there are only 10 righteous people.  I wonder if Abraham, as he continued this discussion, began to realize just how evil the place was and had to continue to ask the Lord for lower and lower numbers, because in his mind he realized the city’s true nature.  I pray that the Lord would give me a heart for people. I pray that I would care about people so much that I am eager to save them from the wrath of the Lord.  I pray that you and I would have the heart to share the gospel with unbelievers.


– Joshua

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