In Genesis 13, Abram is said to have acquired a vast amount of riches and livestock.  Lot, Abram’s nephew, also had much livestock and they realized that it was best for them to part ways, because the land could not sustain both of them.  Abram gave Lot the choice of land and Lot look out and saw the fertile land of the valley of Jordan and chose to live there.  It also records that he moved close to Sodom which had very wicked people living in it.  The Lord then told Abram to look around and all the land he could see would be his and his descendants.  There is a contrast between Abram and Lot.  When Lot took his land, he moved closer to the wicked people.  When Abram took his land he built an altar and worshipped the Lord.  It seems that Lot was more concerned about the things of the world, whereas Abram valued the things of the Lord.  O Lord, may I value You and Your glory above all the world has to offer.

– Bryan McKenzie

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