God calls Abraham to leave his home without telling him exactly where to go. All God says is, “to the land I will show you.” Abraham does it! This is astounding to me. When is the last time I trusted God like this? I always want to know the details and have all my questions answered. I recognize that faith is trusting in the character of God without knowing the answers, but I just can’t help myself. I wonder how many times I missed out on God’s blessing simply because I didn’t get my questions answered? I wonder what I’m missing out on right now?

I don’t know about you, but I have made the switch from using a map to a GPS on my phone these days. With the map, I could see the whole picture, but the GPS only tells me one step at a time and I usually only see a portion of the actual map. I have to trust that little voice the entire time I’m driving. God is like the perfect GPS. Unlike the GPS, He doesn’t make mistakes, but like the GPS, most of the time He doesn’t let us see the whole map either. He wants us to learn to trust Him as we go so we end up building a relationship with Him and growing closer to Him as we make the journey.

When Abraham arrives in Canaan, God tells him that this is the place. If it had been me, I would have celebrated and begun settling my stuff, building a home, etc, but that’s not how Abraham responded. He built an altar and worshipped first. Then he went to “pitch his tent” and built another alter near his tent. Worship was his first priority. It’s interesting to me that the altars had to be built, while his home was “pitched.”

Friends, let’s make worship both corporately and in our homes a priority. May we follow where He leads without knowing the details and having all our questions answered. This is not dangerous or risky faith ‘cause He can me trusted. It just may feel risky.

Steve Corn

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