In Luke 10, God through Luke tells of how Jesus sent out the 70 to do ministry, they return with reports of their ministry, Jesus rejoices over the ministry the Father was doing though them, Jesus is tested by a lawyer about how to inherit eternal life, Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan and Jesus applaud’s Mary for her desire to listen to HIS Word.  The account of Mary and Martha always reminds me of what is most important.  When Jesus came to visit Mary and Martha, Martha was too concerned about temporal things.  Mary, however, made listening to Jesus’ words the priority.  There are many good things to do in this world and many responsibilities that a person has, but none are as beneficial as listening to Jesus’ words.  In fact, all the other good things and responsibilities will be done in vain if Jesus’ words are not the guiding principle.  Lord, help me always make listening to Your Words, as recorded in the Bible, the priority in my life.

– Bryan McKenzie

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