In Luke 9, God through Luke records how Jesus sent out the 12 for ministry, Jesus feeds the 5,000, Jesus asks them who they say He is, He calls them to take up their cross and follow Him, Jesus is transfigured, Jesus casts out a demon from a boy, He tells the 12 he will be delivered into the hands of men, the disciples argue over who will be the greatest, and Jesus calls them to put Him before all others.  The thing that stands out to me most is the disciples arguing over who will be the greatest.  This is on the heals of them seeing Jesus put others needs before himself in healing them of all kinds of diseases and casting out demons.  It is also on the heals of 3 of them seeing exactly who the greatest really is – as Jesus is transfigured before them and they hear God say that Jesus is greater than the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah).  The only one who truly was the greatest, served others – while those who were not the greatest (the disciples) argued which one of them was the greatest.  O Lord, continually remind me that you are the greatest – yet you humbled yourself to serve others.  By Your Grace, may I be reminded that I am not the greatest and that I have the privilege to serve others in Your name for Your glory.

– Bryan McKenzie

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