In Mark 11 Jesus rides into Jerusalem to the shouts of Hosanna, curses the fig tree, drives out money changers in the Temple, teaches on prayer, and has His authority tested by the Jewish leaders.  The unfruitful fig tree was a picture of the nation of Israel that was unfruitful, even with all that the LORD had done for them.  Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree, symbolized the LORD’s cursing of Israel for its unfruitfulness and rejection of HIM.  This is followed by Jesus finding the temple being misused and abused, which was proof of Israel’s unfruitfulness.  When Jesus kicked them all out of the Temple and the Jewish leaders were upset and sought for a way to kill HIM, it further showed how unfruitful the nation of Israel had become.  When people reject the LORD’s grace in Jesus, they reject HIM and will be unfruitful.  LORD, thank You for saving me by Your Grace through Jesus, so that I might bear fruit for Your glory.

– Bryan McKenzie

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