In Mark 10 Jesus teaches on divorce, the faith of children, He encounters the rich your ruler, foretells of His suffering, teaches on the importance of serving and HIS service, and restores Bartimaeus’ sight. The thing that sticks out to me the most is James and John’s request for high positions in the Kingdom.  Jesus had just told them of His suffering and the first thing they ask Him is for a promotion.  They were so concern about themselves that they did not even acknowledge the fact that Jesus would suffer.  Self focus can cause big problems. Jesus lets them know that leadership is not about power, but about serving others.  He reminds them that this was why He came – to serve others by giving His life so that they might have eternal life.  Lord, protect me from selfishness and self focus, so that I might faithfully serve others for Your glory and their good.

– Bryan McKenzie

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  1. Wesley Gray
    Wesley Gray says:

    I saw that the other disciples were angry at their request. My immediate thought is are they angry because the two brothers asked for such a bold thing, or are they mad because James and John asked Jesus for a position of power before the others had a chance to. Another part of this passage is the story of the rich young ruler. This young man was not willing to depart from his riches. Jesus’ disciples thought that Jesus was saying that people who were wealthy couldn’t enter into the Kingdom of God. Jesus clarified by saying that the young man had put his trust in his riches. I have been guilty of putting my trust in wealth and other temporary things in this world. Those who put their trust in Christ alone can truly be saved.

    • Bryan McKenzie
      Bryan McKenzie says:

      Wes, I think you are right about the other disciples being mad mad partly, because they did not beat James and John to the punch of asking for the power positions first. Riches and power and never make us right with God. Lets be committed to telling others that salvation is by Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone.


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