In Mark 4 Jesus tells multiple parables to the multitudes who are gathered around Him.  He begins with the parable of the sower and seeds. In each case the sower and seed are the same.  The difference is the soils.  The word of God is presented and there are all different kinds of results in the lives of people.  Only those whose hearts are prepared by the Lord (good soil) are prepared to truly receive the seed and produce fruit.  It takes time for fruit to be produced, therefore we must be patient to see if someone’s heart has been truly changed (born again).  Salvation is by grace through faith alone, but a faith that saves is never alone.  The responsibility of the believer is to faithfully present the word of the gospel and trust God with the results.  Lord, may I be faithful to continually present Your word and trust You with the heart change.  Help me be patient and wait on You to produce fruit in the lives of those You are making new.

– Bryan McKenzie

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  1. Daycie Harden
    Daycie Harden says:

    What really stuck out to me in this passage was when in verse 34 it says Jesus spoke in parables but “privately to his own disciples he explained everything”. Correct me if I’m wrong but this shows what a great honor and privilege it is to be a follower of Christ. He will explain everything to us and help us understand because no one(not even the disciples) can truly understand without Jesus explaining it to us. How amazing that our sweet Savior will share understanding with an inadequate sinner like me! Thank you Lord!


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