In Mark 3 Jesus heals on the Sabbath, appoints the 12, is accused by His family of being crazy, is accused by the scribes of being from Satan, teaches on blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and stresses that it is those who do the will of God who are part of His family.  The truth that sticks out to me the most today is when Jesus appoints the 12 and gives the reasons of 1) so that they would be with Him, 2) so that He could send them out to preach and 3)so that they would have authority to cast out the demons.  The first one is the one that struck me the most.  He appointed them to “be with Him.” Wow what a privilege these men were given and it was not only a privilege but a purpose.  He appointed them “so that” they would be with Him.  Being with Jesus would transform their entire life as He taught them with words and as He taught them with His life.  Then after His death, burial, resurrection and ascension, He would be within them in the person of God the Holy Spirit.  This is the privilege and purpose of every follower of Jesus, that they would be with Jesus.  Lord, thank you for the great privilege and purpose of being with Jesus.  By Your grace, may I embrace this truth moment by moment and in the process would You make me more like Jesus, so that I will do Your will?

– Bryan McKenzie

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