In Mathew 28 Jesus is risen from the dead, appears to His disciples and gives them the great commission to make disciples.  In Mark 1, Mark begins his gospel with John the Baptist followed by the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry.  Jesus’ resurrection in Matthew 28 shows that His death on the cross was not in vain and His payment for sin was accepted by the Father.  His victory over death shows that He indeed was who He said He was, God in the flesh who came to redeem all who would trust in Him as Savior.  Based on His Authority, He commissions the disciples present and those who would follow them to make disciples of all the nations.  This is the mission of the Church, to make disciples.  Lord, help me always be about the mission for which you have called your Church, the making of disciples.  In Mark 1, the word “immediately” stands out, for it is used 10 times in this first chapter.  “Immediately” is used 40 times in the book of Mark.  Its as if Mark, at the very beginning of His gospel, wants to stress a sense of urgency concerning the mission of Jesus. Lord, may I live with an urgency in making disciples by Your grace and for Your glory.

– Bryan McKenzie

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