In Mathew 27 Judas’ false repentance is recorded, Jesus goes before Pilate, the crowds ask for Barabbas over Jesus, Pilate is passive, soldiers mock Jesus, Jesus is crucified, soldiers gamble for Jesus’ clothes, Jesus is insulted by those passing by, the chief priest and scribes mock Jesus, the criminals mock Jesus and the fellowship of the Father and Son is briefly broken for the only time in eternity.  I am stuck as to the way God through Matthew records the total rejection of Jesus by all different kinds of people.  Truly all mankind are born enemies of God (Romans 5:8).  Only His grace can awaken our hearts to the beauty of the cross which results in the reconciliation between God and those who place their faith in Jesus.  Matthew shows this happening when he writes in verse 51, “the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.”  Jesus’ payment for sin broke down the barrier between God and man. The cross is the pinnacle of God’s plan of redeeming people from all over the earth and it seems that it was immediately recognized by the centurion in verse 54. Jesus takes those who mock and hate Him and changes their hearts to love and adore Him.  Lord, thank you for replacing my heart of hate against You and replacing it with a heart that loves You and desires to glorify You.  By Your Grace, help me continually preach Christ and Him crucified.

– Bryan McKenzie

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