Abide Together: Reflections on Ezekiel 37

In Ezekiel 37, the LORD gives Ezekiel a vision of what HE will do with the nation of Israel. HE shows Ezekiel a bunch of dry bones scattered with life. He tells Ezekiel to speak to them and he did. As he spoke the word of the LORD the bones came together and skin came on them and the breathe of life came into them and brought them life. The LORD said this vision was a picture of what he would do with HIS people. He would place HIS Spirit within them. This was the new covenant he had spoken of in Ezekiel 36. Not only would HE place HIS Spirit in them for the first time, but he would reconcile Israel and Judah and give them the land he had promised. The one king and shepherd that would reign over and serve them would be the Messiah, Jesus. In this vision the LORD promised to fulfill the Abrahamic, Davidic and the New Covenants in and through Jesus. The LORD is always faithful to fulfill HIS promises. LORD, great is Your Faithfulness, thank You. May Your faithfulness be on display in my life.
– Bryan McKenzie

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