Abide Together: Reflections on Daniel 1

In Daniel 1, Daniel and his three friends are part of the people whom the LORD allows King Nebuchadnezzar take captive to Babylon. They are actually chosen to be trained for 3 years to be a part of the king’s personal service. They are given new names that refer to some of the many gods the Babylonians worshipped. However, when they were asked to eat certain foods, Daniel and his 3 friends took a stand and would not eat the food that would dishonor their commitment to the LORD. The key to their commitment and the stand they took is found in verse 9 where it says, “Now God granted Daniel Favor and compassion…” & in verse 17 where it says, “God gave them knowledge and intelligence…” Daniel and his 3 friends success was based on the grace of God, not their commitment and hard work. HIS grace empowered their commitment and hard work, so that HE alone would get the glory. LORD, by Your grace empower me to be committed and work hard, so that You alone will get the glory.  
– Bryan McKenzie

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