Abide Together: Reflections on Hosea 1 & 3

Hosea 1 and 3 Reflection
My kids are not teenagers yet, but I can’t imagine…no, I’m committed to making it a fact that there’s not anything they could do that would change my love for them. If I get a phone call one day informing me of some horrific activity that my son/daughter has been involved in…. if I have to visit him/her in jail or testify in a courtroom on his/her behalf…… I would not be very happy about these things, but my love for him/her would never change. I may let him/her suffer some consequences or use a little tough love. I may not respond the way he/she would want me to, but no matter what…..he/she is mine and I am committed to him/her. I will always do what I can to look out for what I consider his/her best (eternal/ultimate) interests. I will always love him/her.
The book of Hosea is always a huge reminder to me of this fact. I love my children in this way, because God first loved us (or in this case, Israel) in this way. I can’t imagine how it must have felt for Hosea to be asked by God to marry a prostitute. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for him to choose to love her in spite of her betrayal and to eventually buy her back paying for that which was already rightfully his.
God painted this picture with Hosea’s life. With the blood of Christ on the cross, God has bought us back. We were already his, but instead we chose sin and betrayal and so He sent his son, Jesus to buy us back. This is an incredible – even inspiring love.
Prayer: Father, Thank you for this love. Thank you for loving us in spite of our sin – even while were yet in our sin. Mostly, we want to say thank you for buying us back when we find ourselves on the auction block. When we reach our lowest point, you have come to rescue us! You are Savior! We need salvation. We need you. AMEN.
Steve Corn
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