In 2 Samuel 12 the Lord sends Nathan to confront David of his sin. Nathan tells a story about a rich man taking from a poor man. David is outraged at the rich man in the story and said he deserves to die. Nathan told David he was the rich man in the story and the Lord was going to bring major consequences to his life. Due to David’s sin their would be internal conflict in his household and his son born to him by Bathsheba would die. David confessed his sin to the Lord and Nathan. David’s son did die and the Lord gave he and Bathsheba another son named Solomon. At the end of the chapter it is recorded that David went out to war and fought against Rabbah – the very thing he should have been doing when he was tempted and committed adultery with Bathsheba. The thing that stands out to me this morning is how Nathan obeyed the Lord and lovingly and winsomely confronted David with his sin. All followers of Jesus need people in their lives to lovingly and winsomely confront them of their sin when they are blinded to it. Lord, thank you for godly men in my life who can and will lovingly confront me when I am blinded to sin in my life.

– Bryan McKenzie

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