In 2 Samuel 6 the Ark of the Lord was being moved on an ox cart to Jerusalem from Baale-judah. While being transported the ox cart nearly turned over and Uzzah reached out and touched the Ark of the Lord.  The Lord took his life for this act, for no one was to touch the Ark. David was angry at the Lord for this and had the Ark placed at the house of Obed-edom, whom the Lord blessed.  David then had the Ark brought to Jerusalem and while on the way he danced before the Lord in celebration.  His wife, Michael, despised him for his unhindered celebration of the Lord. Ultimately she despised the Lord.  They thing that stands out to me is the Lord striking down Uzzah for touching the Ark.  Many would say it was unjust for the Lord to do this, but in reality is was absolutely just.  The wages of sin is death, and the fact that the Lord does not take people’s lives more often is a testimony to His amazing grace.  Lord, thank You for Your grace.  By your grace, empower me to be gracious to those around me.

– Bryan McKenzie

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