In Ruth 1, Ruth and her husband, Elimelech, went to Moab and had 2 sons.  Elimelech died and then their sons took wives from the Moabites.  Moabites were prohibited to enter the assembly of the Lord, yet these 2 Jewish men married them any way. Ruth’s sons then died and she encouraged her daughter’s in law to return to their families as she was heading back to Judah.  Oprah returned to her family, but Ruth chose to go with Naomi back to Judah and pledged to serve her God and be a part of her people.  Ruth’s faithfulness and trust in Naomi and her God are admirable.  She must have known something of the God of Israel from her husband and Naomi.  What little knowledge she had about the LORD, she acted on in faith.  Lord, you have blessed me with much knowledge of You from Your Word, by Your grace help me act on it for Your glory.

– Bryan McKenzie

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