In Judges 7 the Lord tells Gideon that the people with him are too many for Him to give Midian into their hands.  The Lord has him start with 22,000 and cuts them down to 300.  In chapter 8 it says there were 135,000 in Midian’s army.  Not only does the Lord tell Gideon to only take 300 men to battle against 135,000 men, he tells them to take torches and pitchers with them as their weapons.  HE has them divide up into 3 companies and then at the appointed time to break their pitchers and blow their trumpets.  The Lord then has the Midianites turn on each other with their own swords.  The Lord made sure that this victory could only be explain by Him. All too often people want to take credit for what they accomplish.  Only the Lord deserves glory for any accomplishment in life.  Lord, make it so that any accomplishment in my life can only be explained by You – so that You alone get the glory.

– Bryan McKenzie

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