In Numbers 14, after the negative report from 10 of the spies who went into the land of Canaan, the people once again complained and rebelled against Moses and Aaron.  They even sought to appoint a new leader to take them back to Egypt.  However, Joshua and Caleb gave a different report and said they should go into the land, because the Lord had promised it and would surely go before them and drive out all their enemies.  The Lord then said that he would not destroy the people, but they would not enter in the land.  They would instead die off in the wilderness and their children would then enter into the promised land.  The thing that stands out to me this morning is the faithful stand that Joshua and Caleb took when everyone else chose to look at things from an earthly view.  Lord, help me trust Your Word no matter what the circumstances look like or what others are doing.

– Bryan McKenzie

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