In Genesis 41 God gives Pharaoh a couple of dreams of which no one in Egypt can interpret.  The LORD causes the cupbearer to remember Joseph’s interpretation of his dream.  Joseph ends up interpreting Pharaoh’s dream and Pharaoh puts him in charge of carrying out the plan to store up grain for the famine to come.  Joseph is faithful to carry out the plan.  Underlying the story line is the fact that the LORD is behind all that is taking place.  HE is going to bring a famine to the world, which will force Jacob/Israel and his family to come to Egypt and be saved from the famine.  The LORD promised that the Messiah would come through Abraham’s lineage, therefore if Abraham’s descendants die – the LORD would not fulfill HIS promise.  The LORD always fulfills HIS promise and uses different means to carry out HIS plan.  LORD, thank You for orchestrating YOUR plan so that only You can get the glory in all things.  Remind me in the midst of difficulty that YOU will fulfill Your plan to redeem people from every tribe, tongue, people group and nation.  May that be a source of encouragement to persevere in what You have call me to do.

– Bryan McKenzie

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