There are a couple of things in this reading that caught my attention today:

1) Joseph couldn’t escape his identity. I’m not suggesting that he was trying to escape it, but being sold as a slave, falsely accused and thrown in a prison is far from the original dream that he had of his family bowing down to him. It would certainly be tempting to lose hope in this situation and bail out on God’s calling. Many men have fallen into selfish living as a reaction to tough circumstances. However, in spite of these circumstances, he continued to be the man that God had called him to be. Circumstances don’t define a man. Character defines him. Joseph was a man of God who interpreted dreams. He remains that same man in all circumstances – even in prison.

2) Joseph spoke the truth that God revealed to him whether it would be good news or bad. He chose to interpret both dreams regardless of how the news might be received. Personally, I might be tempted to be so gentle with the bad news that the message might not be clear. It’s never fun being the bearer of bad news, but it’s also important to be truthful.

Prayer: Lord, give me consistency. Strengthen me to be who You have called me to be in any and every circumstance. Reform my character to reflect Yours. Give me courage to speak the truth. May You be glorified in and through my character and actions.  AMEN. 

Steve Corn

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