In Genesis 3 we see the fall of man.  We see initially the shame and guilt that Adam and Eve experienced.  We then see the first instance of the blame game played in them as well.  We are reminded of our responsibility for sin through God’s response to the situation.  Even in spite of each person having a valid other person or thing to blame.  God responds with curses for all the three things that can be blamed.  He cursed the serpent, but he also gave curses for both Eve and Adam.  In this we can be sure that we are responsible for our sin and our choice when we choose not to follow God.

Even in these curses though we get to see the hope that will come.  We see God still allow them to live.  We also see him promise Eve children and we see God allow Adam the ability to work.  Even though we know it is now cursed,  he will still have this ability.  We also see in the next part of this chapter, the Lord, provide the first sacrifice that will ultimately point toward Jesus.  We had already seen Adam and Eve have to use a plant to cover themselves which would have been a very temporary solution.  The fig leaves would have been quick to fall apart to cover their shame and guilt.  The Lord then provides animal skins, which would have required some type of sacrifice to give a cover for their shame that would have been better and lasted longer but would still have to be replaced.  We can already see their need for an eternal savior, one that could not just cover their shame, but that could wipe away all sin, one that could take away all shame and guilt.  We see their need for Christ who was to come.  We see humanity’s need for an ultimate savior!

Thank you Lord for your creation, and for using even our sin and ultimate rebellion against you to point us toward our need for you.  Thank you for your mercy and grace and for the ultimate sacrifice of your son that can wipe away for good the shame and guilt that we have created for ourselves through our sin.


-Joshua Dawes

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