In 1 John 5, John reminds these believers that the one who overcomes the world is the one who is born of God – believes that Jesus is the Son of God.  He also tells them they can know for sure that they have eternal life by trusting in Jesus, the Son of God.  How do they know they have Jesus?  They believe that HE came in the Flesh, they believe that HE is the Son of God and their is evidence of His life and love in them.  Lord, than  You for the assurance I have that I have eternal life, because of what Jesus did.

In 2 John, John reminds these believers once again that love is shown by obedience and abiding in God’s teaching.  He also warns them of the deceivers who do not acknowledge Jesus as coming in the flesh.  Lord, protect me, my family and the people of Grace from the deceivers in this world.

In 3 John, John encourages and applauds Gauis, a fellow believer, for his hospitality for brothers in Christ he has never met.  Gauis helped them financially and practically, because they had been called by the Lord to take the Gospel to those outside of their one land.  Lord, may You continue to provide for me, so that I can help support others who have been called by You to others parts of this world.

– Bryan McKenzie

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