In Ephesians 4 Paul implores the Church at Ephesus, based on their standing and new life in Christ, to walk in a manner worthy of their calling. He encourages them to unity and use of spiritual gifts to build up the body to do ministry.  He also implores them, by God’s grace, to put off actions and attitudes from their old self and put on new attitudes and actions that flow from the fact that they are made new in Christ.  The last thing that he calls them to do is to forgive each other, just as God in Christ also forgave them.  Not to forgive someone as a follower of Christ is not an option. When a Christian truly understands the depth of their sin and that God has forgiven them in Christ, they cannot forgive others quick enough.  When a professing Christian refuses to forgive another person, it may show that they have not received the forgiveness of God in Christ.  Lord, remind me of the forgiveness I have in Christ and help me be quick to forgive others, so that you will be glorified.

– Bryan McKenzie

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