Abide Together: Reflections on Acts 20

In Acts 20, Paul is still on his 3rd missionary journey.  He goes through Macedonia, Greece and comes to a city named Troas.  While in Troas he preaches so long that a boy named Eutychus falls out of a window and dies.  The Lord uses Paul to bring him back to life.  He continues on toward Jerusalem and comes to a place called Miletus where he calls for the Ephesian elders to come to him.  He spends time with these elders exhorting them and saying goodbye to them, because he knows that prison awaits him.  While with them he says, “For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God (v. 27).” It is much easier for followers of Jesus to just teach the passages of Scripture with which they are most familiar and have little difficulty in understanding or applying.  It is much more difficult to teach those passages that our difficult and those passages which bring conviction of sin.  In order to know the glorious person and will of God, the whole of Scripture must be taught.  Lord, help me be faithful to declare Your whole purpose through the preaching of Your whole Word.

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