OK, so these verses describe quite a bit about Paul’s ministry, but the part that my heart heard today, was the section on Apollos, verses 24-28. I was struck by the fact that he taught “accurately about the things concerning Jesus” even before He had full a knowledge. Isn’t it wonderful that God can use us to reveal Himself to others in spite of our own lack of knowledge?

God used Apollos even though there was more to be revealed. I also love that we see Apollos being faithful with the things He knew, and then we see God showing Him more through Priscilla and Aquila.

I have refused to teach Sunday School or lead a Biblical discussion, ‘cause I haven’t attended Seminary. I have refrained from saying anything simply out of fear that my understandings were not enough. I have sinned by remaining silent in situations where the Word was being misused. I may not know everything, but I do know some. I also have the Holy Spirit empowering me and He can give me words. We don’t have to know everything to be used by God, to speak the truth about Him. Of course we should be careful with the things we say, but it’s wonderful to know that with His Spirit guiding us, we can speak with confidence on the matters that we do know and God can use it. Even if your only knowledge is: “Jesus died for my sin,” That is enough. Jesus is enough. He is enough to empower your words and actions. As Tullian Tchividjian says, “Jesus + Nothing = Everything”

There is at least one critical side note to this whole idea – Just because God can use us without much knowledge, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek more knowledge. When you have a relationship with Jesus, it’s natural to always want to know more and we should always be working to grow in our understandings of Him.

I just think we….well, I discount myself and my abilities too quickly when it comes to speaking. The “I-don’t-know-enough-about-that excuse” is way too convenient for me. Apollos shines as an example to people like me. He overflows with His love of Jesus regardless of the amount of knowledge that He had.

Prayer: LORD, Use me in spite of my lack of understanding and guide me into new understandings as well. Fill me in such a way that I can’t help but overflow and leave a little (or a lot) of Jesus everywhere I go. AMEN.

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