In Acts 16 Luke records the beginnings of Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey with Silas. Paul met a young man named Timothy in Lystra and took him along.  The Lord clearly showed Paul that he needed to go into Macedonia, so saw obeyed.  They came to the city of Philippi and the Lord did amazing work through them there.  HE opened the heart of Lydia to believe the Gospel, as well as many of her family members.  The Lord cast out an evil spirit from a slave girl, which made her masters angry.  They had Paul, Silas & Timothy beaten and thrown into prison.  The Lord miraculously delivered them from prison and at the same time opened the heart of the Jailer and his family to the Gospel.  The thing that stands out in this chapter this morning is Paul’s taking Timothy along with him.  It is said of Timothy that “he was well spoken of by the brethren who were in Lystra and Iconium.”  Paul obviously saw great potential in Timothy and made the commitment to invest in Timothy.  It obviously paid off, because later he would send Timothy to Ephesus to help establish truth and order in that church.  It is important that all believers commit to invest in younger believers, so that they can do the same – in order that the Gospel will continue to spread.  Who are you investing in?  Who am I investing in?  Lord, Help me to invest your Word into others who will do the same.

-Bryan McKenzie

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