Chapter 15 exposes a problem within Christianity from its inception, namely, adding to the gospel of grace. The main focus of this chapter can be summed up in the words of Peter to the Jewish believers when he told them that all men would be “saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus.” Just as the Jewish Christians were tempted to add circumcision to the gospel of grace, so too we can add our own regulations and practices to the gospel.

In recent months I have reflected on the both the benefits and pitfalls of social media and blogs in particular. While I will be the first to argue for the usefulness of social media and blogs in discipleship, I am also quick to point out that, if we are not thoughtful in how we use these tools, we can place a burden on followers of Jesus. I often read blog articles that are very helpful in their principles but are written in such a way that would make a person feel like a failure as a Christian if they are not putting those principles to practice in the same way as the author. I think we must be careful as we communicate with believers and non-believers alike to not make our practices a part of the gospel. The gospel of Jesus is not a burden. Jesus himself said that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. We can look to the apostles are a great reminder to us: We will all be saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus. Nothing more. Nothing less.


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