We read in the beginning of chapter 9 a story about a man who has been blind from birth. It was significant that he had been blind from birth and we can understand why based on the next couple of verses. The disciples, like most people in that day, believed that if someone had a disability it was due to his or his parents’  sins. Jesus’s response to their question probably showed them a lot about the purpose of Jesus’s ministry. Jesus explains: “that the works of God might be displayed in him [the blind man].” We see the glory of God displayed through the blindness of this man! Jesus heals this man. We see the Pharisees questioning all that Jesus had done, probably because they felt threatened. They questioned the man Jesus had healed and then they needed to verify that he was telling the truth about being blind. So they brought his parents and they confirmed that their son was blind and had been since birth. They went on to reply, saying ask our son how it happened, he’s a grown man. Again, the Pharisees question the blind man, who yet again confirms all that he had told them before, then calls out the Pharisees for their hypocrisy. He accused them of not believing that Jesus was from God. He emphasizes that no where ever before had anyone healed a blind person. Yet the Pharisees do not give this man even a chance to be a prophet to them. Unbelieving and discontent, they kicked the healed man out because  they assumed he was sinful since he was born blind!
Jesus then came back to the man who he had healed. The man responded to Jesus’s declaration that he was the Son of Man by falling down in worship. He understood the magnitude of who Christ was. He was so humbled by Jesus that he fell to the ground to worship. Praise the lord for these displays of power and responses to his Glory. I pray that we give glory to God for his work in our life, and that we would respond with worship and praise to our God!

– Joshua Dawes

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