In John 10, Jesus continues His conversation with the Jewish leaders from John 9.  They are upset HE healed the man born blind, so Jesus begins to describe Himself and His ministry using Shepherding imagery. Jesus calls Himself the door for the sheep and says “I am the good shepherd.”  Jesus goes on to say that HE and the Father are one and that those who are HIS – are eternally secure.  The Jewish leaders sought to stone Him, because He claimed to be God.  He calls them to believe, because He does works that only the Father can do – therefore He is God.  The thing that sticks out to me the most today is Jesus’ usage of the Shepherding imagery when addressing the Jewish leaders.  Jesus literally says, “I am the Shepherd, the good one.”  This was in direct contrast to the Jewish leaders who were supposed to serve as shepherds for the people, yet they did not care that one of their people born blind could now see – thus making them bad shepherds.  They were once again placing their traditions above God’s love for His people.  O Lord, make me a shepherd that follows after The Good Shepherd and cares for your people.

– Bryan McKenzie

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