In chapter 7, Jesus addresses making proper judgments, the generosity of God, the exclusivity of the Gospel, and false prophets/teachers who bear bad fruit.  The end of chapter 7,  Jesus tells a parable of two men and their lives.  They both experience the difficulties of life (rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds slammed against that house). The difference between these two men is their response to the words of Jesus.  The wise man is the one who hears Jesus words and acts on them (v. 24).  The foolish man is the one who hears Jesus’ words and does not act on them (v. 26).   The man who acted on Jesus’ words (built his house not he rock) withstood the difficulties of life, while the man who did not act on Jesus words (built his house on the sand) did not withstand the difficulties of life.  Lord, by Your grace may I continually hear and act on Your Word, so that I will handle the difficulties of life in a way that brings You glory and not me.

– Bryan McKenzie

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