In the first half of chapter 6 Jesus warns against doing things for the wrong reasons.  He specifically addresses giving to the poor, prayer and fasting.  He addresses them, because these were good things that were being used to gain praise or reward from other people.  He is exposing the heart that is self focused instead of God focused.  The concern should be bringing God glory, knowing He will reward you.  This again exposes self-righteousness and a need for a new heart that can do things for the glory of God.  Jesus also addresses worrying about earthly wealth and possessions – which can indicate self reliance, instead of relying on God.  This too shows the need for a new heart.  Jesus exhorts in verse 33, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added  to you.” Lord, thank you for giving me a new heart through faith in Jesus.  By Your grace, empower me to seek your glory and your provision only and always.

– Bryan McKenzie

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