Esther 6 is one of the most ironic chapters in the entire Bible.  King Ahasuerus discovers that nothing had been done to honor Mordecai after he had saved the King’s life by reporting the two men that were plotting to kill the King.  Therefore, the King was determined to honor Mordecai.  He called in his right hand man, Haman, and asked him what should be done to the man the king desires to honor.  Haman, in all his pride, thought the king was speaking of him.  Therefore, Haman said they should put the royal robe on him, have him ride on one of the king’s horses, put a royal crown on his head and then have one of the king’s princes lead him on a parade through town. The King liked the idea and then had Haman do this for Mordecai. Haman had just planned a party for himself that made him the guest of honor, only to discover that he would have to throw a party for Mordecai as the guest of honor.  The Lord has a way of humbling those who are against HIS purposes and people and Haman is a great example of this truth.  Lord, once again I am reminded of the importance of humility.  True Humility is based in total trust in You.  Connie to grow me in humility.

– Bryan McKenzie

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