In Zechariah 8, the LORD through Zechariah promises to come and dwell with is people in Jerusalem.  Based on this promise HE charges the people to live righteously before him.  God’s promises should always be an encouragement to live righteously.  He promises peace and blessing to Israel.  Based on HIS grace to Israel many other nations will seek HIM.  These promises were initially and partially fulfilled in the first coming of Jesus and will ultimately be fulfilled in HIS second coming and the establishment of a new heaven and new earth.  The thing that stood out to me this morning was the statement in verse 3 that says, “Then Jerusalem will be call the City of Truth.”  It will be called the City of Truth, because Jesus will be there and HE is the Truth. What a great day that will be!  However, as one who knows Jesus now – HE lives in me.  Therefore, Truth lives in me and empowers me to walk in Truth.  LORD, remind me daily that Truth live in me in the person of Jesus, so that I might talk in Truth.

– Bryan McKenzie

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