Daniel 6 records the jealousy of the other leaders in Babylon toward Daniel under the reign of King Darius.  They tricked King Darius into issuing a decree for everyone to worship him for 30 days and those who did not would be thrown to the lions.  Daniel, knowing full well the decree, went right on worshipping the one true God. Darius, respected Daniel and his relationship with God, but had to abide by his own decree and had Daniel thrown in the lions den.  The Lord saved Daniel from the lions.  Darius ended up making a decree that all men fear and tremble before the God of Daniel. The thing that stood out to me the most while reading Daniel 6 was what Darius said before he threw Daniel in the lions den in verse 16, “You God whom you constantly serve will Himself delver you.”  Daniel had served the Lord in such a way that Darius could not help but notice.  Lord, help me serve You in such a way that others will take notice of You and glorify You.

– Bryan McKenzie

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