In Habakkuk 1, Habakkuk asks God why HE is allowing the people of Judah to walk in wickedness and reject Him.  The answer God gives him is not what he expects.  God tells him that HE is going to use the wicked Babylonians (Chaldeans) to bring discipline on HIS people in Judah.  Habakkuk has a problem with God’s plan and objects.  Eventually Habakkuk will learn that God’s ways are best and he can trust HIM even when he does not understand HIS workings and ways to accomplish HIS plans. In chapter 3:18 Habakkuk says even when things look awful, “Yet I will exult in the LORD, I will rejoice in the God of my Salvation.”  LORD, help me trust You even when things do not appear to be going well, knowing that You are working out Your good and sovereign plan for Your glory and my good.

– Bryan McKenzie

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