In 2 Kings 17, the writer records how under King Hoshea and his rebellion, the Lord delivered Israel into the hands of the Assyrians.  Then the writer reminds why the Lord did this.  He recounts how Israel continually refused to follow after the Lord and his commandments.  He sent prophets to warn them to repent and return to HIM, but they refused to listen and continued to reject the Lord.  The King of Assyria sent people from all over the world to inhabit Samaria.  Each of the people groups brought their own worship of their own gods.  The Lord did not like this, so the Lord sent lions to kill them.  The King of Assyria decided to send one of the Priest of the LORD back to Samaria to teach the people how to worship the God of Israel.  They ended up treating the LORD God of Israel just like their false gods. Ultimately this is what most of Israel did as well and it led them into exile.  The thing that stands out to me in this passage is the work of the LORD, to have a Priest of Israel come back into the land to teach foreigners about HIM.  The LORD will do whatever it takes to get HIS Gospel to the nations, even in pain and persecution.  LORD, help me look at every situation as an opportunity to get the Gospel to more people.

– Bryan McKenzie

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